Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Poll to the Right

Each week I try to write and publish two posts in differing literary styles. While this blog is mainly intended as an outlet for me and as an expression of my personal journey of faith in Christ, it is a joy to know that others take heart in my journey and walk with me, as we are not called to walk alone.

While I always write about things important to me, I have chosen four posts from the month of January which have meant something special to me. I would love to know if they have meant something to you.

To review:
1) Faces - The stories of people in my life whose memories I honor and cherish.

2) Singing With the Midnight Choir - My reflections on the song "Midnight Choir" by Larry Gatlin.

3) Potsherds and Goats - The story of my grandfather.

4) The Sweet Smell of Righteousness - The story of a man whose smell taught lessons.

Feel free to leave comments below.


Burt said...

i guess i'm a sucker for any post about music ... particularly referencing larry gatlin!

Anonymous said...

I'm more the sucker for Mogen David.